The Swan symbolizes grace and beauty. It is a bird associated with love, music, poetry; it is often pictured singing to a lyre. In Greek mythology, the swan is a bird sacred to Aphrodite and Apollo.

Appearance in Myths

When Apollo entered the world, sacred swans circled the island seven times for it was the seventh day of the month. At once Zeus lavished many gifts upon his son including a golden miter, a chariot drawn by swans, and a lyre since legend has it at birth Apollo said, "Dear to me shall be the lyre and bow, and in oracles I shall reveal to men the inexorable will of Zeus." The god commanded his so to find sanctuary at Delphi. But before taking Apollo to Delphi, the swans flew him north to their own country on the edge of the ocean, which was home to the Hyperborean people, who was a supremely happy race for whom life was sweet.

Aphrodite has a chariot (created for her by Hephaestus) sometimes it is seen being pulled by swans, but usually it is pulled by doves. She is often depicted riding a swan.

Leda and the Swan is a story and subject in art from Greek mythology in which the god Zeus, in the form of a swan, seduces or rapes Leda.


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