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Tanagra was one of the twenty daughters of Asopos and Metope.  She was desired by both Ares and Hermes.  In order to decide who would have her as a lover, Ares and Hermes had a boxing match.  In the end Hermes triumphed.  Tanagra laid with Hermes, it is unknown if she ever bore him a child but he gave her name to Boiotian town in central Greece where she would become the naiad nymph to a spring, well or fountain.  Later, Tanagra would wed Poimandros and bare him two sons. 


Asopos & Metope

Spouse & Lovers

Hermes (Lover)
Poimandros (Husband)


Leukippos (by Poimandros)
Ephippos (by Poimandros)