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Theia (Θεία) was the Titaness of sight and shining. Wife and sister of Hyperion. She is not shown much in mythology, but it is known that she was the also presided over the bright blue sky. She was also the goddess that gave gold, silver, and other gems with their sparkle or brightness. That is why she sometimes was said to be a shining titaness as well.


Spouse & Lovers

Hyperion (Husband)


Helios (by Hyperion)
Eos (by Hyperion)
Selene (by Hyperion)


Sacred Symbols

  • Eyes - Because she is the Titaness of sight, her obvious symbol were eyes.


  • The Ancient Greeks believed that eyes emitted a small beam of light that allowed them to see. This makes sense as Theia, goddess of sight, mothered the god of the Sun, Helios.
  • Theia is said to be the female counterpart of Aether. This makes sense as she was a daughter of Heaven and mother of the Sun, Moon, and Dawn.


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