A Thyrus is a pinecone tipped (sometimes shown wrapped in ivy)staff it is the symbol of Power of Dionysos


A Thyrus or (Thyrsos) (Gr: θύρσος) was a staff of giant fennel covered with ivy vines and leaves (sometimes wound with taeniae) and always topped with a pine cone. A Thyrus was the weapon of choice used by the Olympian God Dionysius.

Historical Text

"Bakkhos repaid the stubble of snakehaired Gigantes, a conquering hero with a tiny manbreaking wand, when he cast the battling ivy against Porphyrion, when he buffelted Enkelados and drove Alkyoneus with a volley of leaves: then the wands flew in showers, and brought the Gegenees (Earthborn) down in defence of Olympos, when the coiling sons of Gaia with two hundred hands [ie there were a hundred Gigantes], who pressed the starry vault with manynecked heads, bent the knee before a flimsy javelin of vineleaves or a spear of ivy. Not so great a swarm fell to the fiery thunderbolt as fell to the manbreaking thyrsus." -Nonnus, Dionysiaca 25. 85 ff

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