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"The war between the Titans and the Olympians forged the landscape of the mortal world. It was a war that we knew the Titans must win. If we lost, it would put an end to the golden age of the Titan rule. Peace and prosperity for mankind would be no more." - Atlas

The Titanomachy, also called The Great War, is the name of the battle between the gods and the Titans.

The War


The War began after Kronos and Rhea married. Rhea had a child, Hestia, and Kronus feared she would rebel against him as he did his father, and ate her to be rid of her. However, Rhea continued having children, and grew more and more annoyed and saddened by her husbands ritual. When her last child, Zeus, was born, she gave Kronus wine and he became drunk. She then gave him a rock in place of Zeus, and sent Zeus away.

The War

Zeus grew and grew, until he found out about his father, and to save his siblings. He fed his father a mixture of mustard and wine, and he threw up his children, who were growing inside of him. Zeus also married his cousin Metis to aid in the War.

Soon, the titans and gods began to side. Most of the titans sided with Kronos, while most of the gods sided with Zeus. Prometheus foresaw the future, and he and his brother sided with the gods. Many protogenoi and a few titans remained neutral, and didn't fight at all.

The Cyclops and Hecatonchires sided with the gods, because Kronos locked them in Tartarus. They would make weapons for the children of Kronos, which would help in winning the war. The war would last for eleven years, until Zeus snuck into Kronos' throne room, and cut him apart with his own scythe. He threw his remains into Tartarus, and destroyed the scythe.


The three sons of Kronos would draw lots to decide who would become king of what. Poseidon, second male and fifth child, became Lord of the Sea. Hades, eldest son and fourth child, would become Lord of the Underworld and riches below the Earth. Zeus, youngest son and youngest child, would become Lord of the Skies and King of the gods. Hera would become his wife, Hestia would become and later step down from being an Olympian, and Demeter would as well become an Olympian and eventually forge the four seasons.


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