Phineas and the Argonauts-Calais and Zetes

The Harpyia is depicted as a grotesquely, ugly winged woman dressed in a short maiden skirt. The Boread who pursues her is a handsome youth armed with spear and sword. Zethes is a son of Boreas the God of the North Wind. Along with his brothers Kalais, they are known as the Boreads. Zethes and Kalais were Argonauts and are identifiable because of their wings.

As Argonauts

Zethes and his brother, Kalais, sailed with Jason on board the Argo. The crew of the Argo was made up of some of the greatest heroes: Heracles, Castor and Polydeuces, Atalanta, Meleager, and Orpheus. Before setting sail to retrieve The Golden Fleece from Colchis, the crew offered a sacrifice to Apollo. Upon return to Greece, the what seemed to be massive crew's numbers dwindled leaving only a few, and mostly women. Zethes father offered Zethes and Calais immortality, like his daughter goddess, Khione, and they guarded the God of the North Wind's palace for more than a millennium.


Eos (Grandmother) & *Astraios (Grandfather)


Boreas (Father) & Oreithyia (Mother)



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